Exceptional Cased Belgian Adams Percussion Revolver

Catalogue-Nr.: 700119

Price: 14900 €

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A rare cased Belgian licensed Adams Model 1851 self cocking percussion revolver; .30 calibre, made about 1851; blued and engraved barrel and frame; ADAMâ??S PATENT NO. 4201 and ADAMâ??S 1851 PATENT five shot cylinder matching; Liege proof marks, very fine relief carved ivory grip; fine engraved and blued but cap; blued trigger guard and trigger; fitted in itâ??s original case lined in green baize; fine accessories include a fine bag shaped powder flask, correct double cavity tailed bullet mould matching number.
This is one of the best Adams percussion revolver I have ever seen in the last 20 years.

EWB (for Germany and EU, see terms)

It is an exceptional set with a revolver in near factory new, unused condition with 98-99 % original finish.