Important Cased French Percussion Duelling Pistols

Catalogue-Nr.: 700127

Price: 39000 €

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A superb pair of French duelling pistols about 1830, rifled circa 9 mm calibre twist browned barrels, signed in gold "PRELAT ARQ_R DU ROI", the same appears on the lock (Francois Prelat who worked in Paris from 1810-1850 for the French royal dynasties, he got decorations at the industrial exhibitions in Paris in 1810, 1823, 1827 and 1834), engraved case hardened locks and hammers, case hardened trigger guard with a lionâ??s head, set trigger mechanics, superb stock, steel butt and butt cap decorated with acanthus leaves, in the original l mahogany veneered case, lined with bordeaux-coloured velvet all original accessories: ivory box, replacement blade for screw drier, wad punch, nipple wrench with ebony and ivory grip and adjustable closure, powder flask that hides a secret compartment underneath.
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Condition: An exceptional set from one of the most important French gunsmith in nearly factory new condition. This is a very early pair of percussion pistols made in the late style of the late typical Paris flintlock style about 1815 (see grip and lock of the pistols)