Unique German Cased Breech-loading Underhammer Pistol (SOLD)

Catalogue-Nr.: 700139

Price: 14900 €

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A unique, very fine and unusual breech-loading underhammer percussion pistol; 190 mm octagonal, grey Damascus riffled barrel, .44 caliber; fire-blued fore-sight; top flat inlaid in gold V. Chr. Schilling in Suhl (Valentin Christian Schilling worked in Suhl, Germany 1849-1900); casehardened rising breech action activated by a fire-blued side lever; breechblock engraved with an allegorical scene; action engraved with scrollwork, cock head engraved as a monster; nipple cover safety; adjustable rear sight; engraved spur trigger guard; casehardened butt cap with cap reservoir; walnut grip; complete with original ebony banded case, the lid with folding German silver handle; green baize-lined interior; accessories include figured walnut shoulder stock, bullet mold, German silver powder flask, tamper, nipple wrench, combination screwdriver, oiler, powder measure, pick and cleaning rod.

Condition: An Unique pistol in unfired, near mint condition; case with some minor marks of use;

(Delivery is restricted to persons being 18 years or older)