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Rare Cased WEBLEY GREEN 1894 Revolver
Catalogue-Nr: 700141

A very rare cased WEBLEY GREEN TARGET MODEL 1894 with auxiliary .297/ .230 MORRIS barrel and cylinder
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Exceptional Cased Austrian J. Springer Revolver
Catalogue-Nr: 700132

An exceptional and in this exhibition quality very rare cased revolver; made by the famous Austrian gun maker Johann Springer
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Exceptional Cased Pair German Target Pistols
Catalogue-Nr: 700116

Exceptional cased pair of German CF target pistols;
Signed Voelker Buenos Aires
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Rare Cased Webley Royal Constabulary Revolver
Catalogue-Nr: 700133

A very rare Webley R.I.C revolver with Silver & Fletcher Expert Patent Ejector and Savety System.
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Cased Fabrique Nationale d'Armes FN 1900
Catalogue-Nr: 700104

Original Cased near factory new Semiautomatic Pistol Fabrique Nationale d'Armes FN 1900
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Cased English .442 Cal Rimfire Revolver
Catalogue-Nr: 700066

A rare excellent cased English .442 cal rimfire revolver;
retailed by BEATTIE & SON,LONDON
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Cased Tranter Rimfire Pocket Revolver
Catalogue-Nr: 700120

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Cased .455 Colt New Service Revolver
Catalogue-Nr: 700126

A fine cased Colt New Service revolver;
English cased by Holland & Holland.
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